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Development is continuing here! However you're still welcome to use this version.

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Set your game automatically up for use with CreamAPI.

Made with software provided by JetBrains s.r.o.


  • Setup CreamAPIs DLLs and configuration file automatically.
  • Find the AppID by providing the games name without having to look it up manually.
  • Fetch a list of DLCs for an AppID from both the Steam Store and SteamDB.
  • Set flags like "offline mode" and "extra protection".
  • Select a language from a list which can be manually expanded if needed.


Make sure you have Java 8 installed.
Download the latest release and extract it into any folder (e.g. %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\auto-cream-api).
The included CreamAPI version may be outdated, get the most recent version and extract the DLL files from the nonlog_build folder to the Auto-CreamAPI folder!


  • Double-click auto-cream-api.jar to open the application. (When starting it for the first time, it might take a few seconds since it needs to cache a list of games available on the Steam Store.)
    • Alternatively, open a CMD window in the location of the application, and run it by entering the following:
      java -jar auto-cream-api.jar
  • Click on the Folder (📂) button on the top right and select the steam_api.dll or steam_api64.dll in the game folder.
  • Enter the name of the game and click on the Search (🔍) button.
    • If it did not find the right game, either try again, or copy the app ID from the Steam Store to field to the right of the Search (🔍) button.
  • Click the lower left "Get DLCs for AppID" button to fetch all available DLCs for the game.
  • Select a language and tick the options if needed.
  • Click on "Save".

Java 11/Java 14



Auto-CreamAPI itself is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0

CreamAPI © 2016-2019, deadmau5. All Rights Reserved.

The following dependencies are licensed under the Apache License 2.0:

  • JFoenix
  • fontawesomefx
  • gson
  • Apache Commons BeanUtils
  • Apache Commons Configuration
  • The Roboto font family

The following dependencies are licensed under the MIT License:

  • jsoup
  • Unirest-Java
  • slf4j
  • Copy Rename Maven Plugin

The following dependencies are licensed under the GPL2 License:

  • fuzzywuzzy

Logback is dual-licensed under the EPL v1.0 and the LGPL 2.1.